Wooden Sandpits for Children

Wooden Sandpits for Children are an excellent choice if you are looking to buy a sandpit which will be sturdy enough to last your child for many years to come.

Although sandpits made from wood are not usually available in such a wide choice of shapes and colours as plastic sandpits, they tend to be larger and provide a bigger play area.

Some children’s wood sandpits come with a solid base and others are placed directly on the ground, with or without a liner. Usually, a liner is preferred as it keeps the sand cleaner, as well as  preventing weeds and things growing through the sand.

Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages of wooden sandpits for children. Let’s take a look at these,  in order to help you decide whether one made from wood might suit your needs better than one made from plastic.hexagonal wooden sandpits for children

What are the advantages of wooden sandpits for children?

  • Strong, sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Should last for years.
  • Won’t crack like plastic might.
  • Usually available in larger sizes than plastic sandpits.
  • Novelty designs are available, such as a sail boat, etc.
  • Might be more durable and hard-wearing for older children.
  • Often incorporate seats or benches around the sides for your child to sit on.
  • Some are available with solid bottoms and others are frames which allow the sand to drain freely into the soil when it becomes wet.
  • Could be used as a flower bed or vegetable garden after your children have outgrown it!

What are the disadvantages of wooden sandpits for children?

  • Needs treating to preserve the wood.
  • Heavier than plastic, so not as easy to move
  • Not suitable indoors
  • Not suitable for use with water unless they have a polythene liner, which will prevent causing damage to the wood.

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