Water Toys

Children just love adding water toys to their sandpits, paddling pools or sand and water play tables. Splashing around in water always brings a smile to children’s faces and, let’s face it, if children are learning whilst playing, they’re happy (and, so are we)!  Why not encourage then to have fun, whilst at the same time learning and provide them with their very own water table, so they can play and experiment?

Children can spend ages dipping their hands in the water, splashing around and watching the water drip from their hands, but providing toys for use in water can really get your child’s imagination working, as well as increasing their fun and enjoyment at the same time.

Play ideas and suggestions for children’s water toys

Although you’re probably very familiar with sand toys and can list a number of them, are you as familiar with the number of water toys available? Which water toy is best for your child? And what games can your child play with water toys? Here are just a few suggestions of water toys for your child and fun ideas of how you can include them in water play.

  • Putting toys into water, to see how they react. Do they float? Or do they sink to the bottom? This can be a great source of excitement for children, as well as helping them begin to understand about weight.
  • Pouring water, using a wide range or things like jugs, buckets, spoons and cups.
  • Splashing in water is great fun for children. If they can play outside to avoid the mess, simply splashing in a water table will keep most kids entertained for hours.

What type of water toys are available for children’s water play?

sand and water toys sand mill

Balls – The way balls bob up and down and move about can be fascinating for children and toddlers, especially as they try to catch them.

Boats – Boats are probably one of the most popular water toys for children of all ages.

Cups – Depending on the size of water table you’re using, plastic cups can be a better option than buckets so your child can move the water around, or fill them up and pour the water out again.

water toysFishing game – These games, complete with plastic fish and rods, allow your child to ‘fish’ and are an excellent way to improve many skills, including hand-eye coordination.

Funnels and other household items – Funnels and kitchen utensils which you already own can make excellent water toys for your child and can be a cheap alternative.

Plastic animals – It can be great fun to bathe or watch plastic animals ‘swim’.

Teapot or cups and saucers – Children love role-play and children of all ages love to play tea party games. These games are even more exciting for your child when they have the opportunity to play them with real liquid, as it adds another dimension to the game.

Sponges -  The way sponge absorbs water and becomes heavy can be fascinating for children and they will often spend hours soaking up the water, before squeezing it out again. They also make a delightful ‘splosh’ if you drop them into the water tray when they are full of water, which usually results in squeals of delight from toddlers and younger children.

Watering can - Filling the watering can and watching the water sprinkle out can be a great source of entertainment.

Water wheels – Children love to pour the water in and watch as it runs through and turns the wheel.

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