Water Play Table

A water play table is a great way for children to experiment with water. As you’ve probably realised, children of all ages love ‘messy-play’ and, of course, water play falls into this category. Whether it’s bath-time fun, bathing their own toys and dolls, or chasing the hosepipe, children adore playing with water.

Because it’s not always practical to get the hosepipe out, and the weather often isn’t warm enough to play outside, a water play table can provide the perfect opportunity for your child to have fun with water the whole year round.

A water play table is always a huge hit with toddlers and under fives, although older children may like to join in too. However, for safety reasons, it’s important to supervise young children whilst around water. Remember to take advantage of this though, as it will give you the perfect excuse to join in the water play fun and explore with your child!

What is a water play table made of?

Most water tables are made of plastic and are therefore lightweight (especially when empty). This makes them portable and ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Due to their size, water play tables hold just the right amount of water to allow your child to play, splash, explore and have endless hours of fun.

Water play tableSome water tables come with additional toys or attachments, such as water-wheels, which act as added stimulation for your child. You can also buy toys especially designed for water play or, alternatively, use household objects, such as sponges and plastic cups.

Play ideas for your child’s water play table

Here are just a few suggestions of ways in which children can have oodles of fun with their water play table:

  • Play pouring games
  • Splash (better suited to outdoors!)
  • Use water wheels
  • Float objects, including boats
  • Play with sponges and see how they absorb the water, before squeezing it out again
  • Fill and empty containers
  • Play ‘tea party’ with plastic cups, saucers and a teapot

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