Step2 Waterwheel Play Table

Step2 Waterwheel play table with accessoriesI bought this Step2 Waterwheel Play Table for my niece, as a present for her 2nd birthday. If your child loves it even half as much as my niece, it will be a huge hit with you too!

Because it’s made of plastic, it’s durable, easy to clean and can be used outside as well as indoors, if you don’t mind a few splashes (perhaps, you might want to use a waterproof mat underneath!)

The water play table is moulded into 2 adjoining areas, a large and a smaller one. The water can flow from one area to the other and allows your child to use their imagination and come up with different play ideas and ways to incorporate these sections in their water adventures. Whether they use these areas as harbours, lakes, canals, or anything else, there’s a great variety of play options.

The Step2 Waterwheel Play Table also comes with a 4 piece accessory set, which includes 2 boats, a cup and a waterwheel tower. All you need to do is add water and watch the fun begin!

As your child pours water in the funnel of the waterwheel, it activates the wheel and they can learn about cause and effect, as they watch the water turn the wheel.Step2 Waterwheel Play Table

The combination of water and accessories will stimulate your child’s imagination and encourage them to experiment and have fun with water.

Play ideas and suggestions for the Step2 Waterwheel play table

Your child will have endless hours of fun, playing with the Step2 Waterwheel Play Table, but you can also add to the fun by trying other things, including:

  • Create bubbles by adding a small amount of bubble bath to the water
  • Collect small pebbles or shells, clean them and then add to the water, to use as walls, decoration, etc.
  • Add sand instead of water and you have a small sand table for a change.

(h) 71 x (w) 80 x (d) 80  cm

The water table is just the right height to allow toddlers and young children to reach comfortably. Furthermore, it’s suitable for up to 3 children to play at the same time and there’s plenty of space around the table for each child to have easy access

There is minimal assembly required, as the legs need to be attached.

What age range is the Step2 Waterwheel Play Table suitable for?
The water play table is perfect for toddlers and younger children.

How much water?
This Step2 water table holds up to 18 litres of water.

Any complaints?
Whilst looking on the internet, the only complaint I found, was that the legs are not removable once attached, which can make storage difficult. However, it’s unlikely that your child will want you to put the water table away!

Are there any reviews by other users
The Step2 water table has received excellent feedback from other users across the internet and is rated 5 out of 5 by reviewers on the Amazon website.

Here are just a few of the comments so far:

“This has been played with over and over.”

“Our little boy had this for his birthday and it has been his favourite toy – he plays with it constantly – he loves the “yacht boats” and the waterwheel – would recommend”

“Great toy, got it for my 2-year-old for his birthday and he loves the variety of ways of messing around with water and splashing.”

Bought this a few months ago. Daughter loves it.”

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Step2 Waterwheel play table with accessories