Step2 Crabbie Sandpit with Lid

This bright red Step2 Crabbie sandpit with lid will immediately catch your child’s attention and keep them amused for years to come.

Buy Step 2 Red Crab shaped sand pit

It can be used with sand or water and is large enough for several children to play comfortably. Furthermore, the moulded ‘claws’ can be used as seats.

Made from durable and easy to clean plastic, the low maintenance will keep parents happy, whilst the cute and fun design is sure to be a hit with children.

A matching, red plastic cover is included, which will keep sand clean and dry when not in use, as well as protecting your child’s play area from unwanted pets and debris.

Dimensions of the Step2 Crabbie Sandpit With Lid

(h) 41 x (w) 119 x (d) 120 cm

Is Assembly required?

The  Step2 Crabbie Sandpit with Lid does not require assembly.

What age range is the Step2 Crabbie Sandpit with lid suitable for?

The fun character design of the Crabbie Sandpit make it ideal for toddlers and younger children, although the large size would be big enough for older children to enjoy sand play too.

How much sand will you need?

The Step2 Crabbie Sandpit with Lid can hold up to 130kg of sand, although 3 or 4 bags, each containing 25kg would be plenty.

Are there any complaints?

The only complaint I found on the internet, was that there is nowhere for adults to sit, as the claws are not suitable for adults to sit on. However, there aren’t likely to be any complaints from your child whilst playing with the Crabbie sandpit!

What are others saying about the Step2 Crabbie Sandpit?

There are some excellent reviews on the internet for the brightly coloured crab-shaped sandpit, including Amazon, where it’s received an average 4.5 out of 5 from reviewers.

Here are some of the comments to date:

“It’s very durable and sturdy.”
“Overall glad we got it and would recommend.”
“I had been looking around for a decent sized sand pit for my 3yr old for a while and “Crabbie” is perfect”
“The bright crab design make it fun for children”

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Step2 Crabbie Sandpit with Lid