Sandpit with Lid

Wooden sandpit with lid and bench seats

sandpit with lid can provide the ideal solution to keeping your child’s sand clean and dry when they’re not playing in it.

What are the advantages of buying a sandpit with lid?

Sand play is a fun way for children to dig, build and let their imaginations loose. It will keep them entertained for hours on end, as well as encouraging them to play outside in the fresh air. But, one of the problems with sandpits is the issue of keeping it protected from rain and other elements, as well as leaves and debris. For hygiene reasons, it’s also a good idea to protect the sand from birds and yours, or neighbours’ pets, such as cats. This is vital for an outdoor sandpit if you want to keep the sand clean in between playtimes, ready for your child to play again, without having to pick bits of rubbish out of it.

By using a sandpit with lid, you can usually leave it outdoors all year long. It’s also quicker and easier to set up and tidy away after a play session, because it’s simply a case of opening and closing the lid. Often, sand toys can also be left in the sand pit for storage and they will also remain clean and protected by the lid.

If you choose one, such as the children’s wooden sandpit with folding lid, it will allow your child to play freely with their sand and will keep it safe and clean between playtimes.

The lid of the sandpit folds open to provide 2 handy benches for your child to sit on. When they’re finished, the benches simply fold back over to create the lid.

What size is the wooden sandpit with lid?

The sandpit is square and measures 120cm x 120cm (4ft x 4ft).

Up to 4 children could play together in the sandpit. However, if children are sitting on the benches and have their sand toys in as well, it’s probably more suitable for 2 or 3 children to ensure they have plenty of space to play.

Is assembly required?
Some drilling is required, but full instructions are included. 

What age range is the children’s wooden sandpit with lid suitable for?
The sandpit with lid would be best suited to children from toddlers, up to approximately 10 years of age.

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Wooden sandpit with lid and bench seats




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