Play Sand for Children’s Sandpits

Play sand for children's sandpits

Sand pits are so much fun for young children (and big ones!) but, it’s essential to use specialist play sand for children’s sand play.

This is because not all sand is the same and, as play sand is coming into contact with your little one’s skin, it needs to be soft and smooth. Sand which is too coarse, or has rough and sharp pieces won’t be gentle enough for children’s hands and can cause injury or irritation.

Safe play sand for children’s sandpits

Sand which is meant for children has to pass through tough, rigorous controls before being allowed for sale, in order to ensure that it meets the correct standards to be labelled as ‘play sand’.

Furthermore, play sand is also different to regular sand because it won’t stain clothing. Sand which is going to be used in children’s sand pits must be washed and treated to prevent staining clothes, as well as skin. This is done during the manufacturing process, so you can be sure that your child’s clothes won’t get ruined every time they play in their sand pit.

Sand play is a great way to encourage imaginative play and for children to explore their creative side, with digging, building, pouring and whatever else they choose to do with it. You will find play sand is just the right consistency when dry to allow your child to let it pass through their fingers and enjoy the feeling of it between their toes.

Change the consistency of play sand

It’s easy to change the consistency of sand by adding some water. This will add variety to your child’s sand play because the sand will behave differently when wet. Instead of flowing, it will bind together easier, so can be easier to model with, build sand castles, or simply build a sand mountain.

The different ways sand behaves when wet and dry will add to the fun your child can have with their sand pit. And, best of all, you can rest assured that it’s perfectly safe for them to enjoy their fun.

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