Mookie sand and water tableMookie Sand and Water Table

If you’re looking for a small sandpit which is versatile enough to let your child play with sand and water, the Mookie sand and water table would be a good choice. It has 2 sections so you can add half sand and half water. This means that your child can have the best of both worlds and enjoy water for splashing and pouring, or sand for building and creating.

Colourful and small enough to be lightweight and portable, it can be used indoors or outside, in the garden. It’s made of plastic, so this sand and water table is also durable and easy to clean.

small sand and water tableWhen your child isn’t playing with the sand and water, the lid will keep the contents free from debris and can also be used as a desk for art and crafts. If you’re not going to be using it for a while, the legs come off, making it easy for storage.

What size is the Mookie sand and water table?

(h) 46 x (w) 41 x (98) cm

What age range is the Mookie sand and water table suitable for?
The manufacturer recommends it’s suitable for children aged 3 and over, although my friend’s 13-month old daughter loves the table and has great fun playing with it.

Is assembly required?
Minimal assembly is required.

Are there any negatives?
A few people have said that the legs come off when the table is lifted and moved. Although this doesn’t affect the performance of the sand and water table, it can be easier to add the sand and water once the table is in place.

Also, If you’re not planning on moving the table and don’t want to dismantle it for easy storage, you could glue the legs in place, as my friend did.

What are people saying about the Mookie sand and water table?

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Mookie sand and water table