Magnetic Fishing Set

Magnetic Fishing Set Game Water Toys

If you’re looking for water toys to add fun to your child’s water play table, this magnetic fishing set game could be a great addition and keep youngsters amused for hours on end. The set includes 6 plastic fish which bob up and down in the water and even blow bubbles whilst waiting to be caught!

Of course, you’re not restricted to using the magnetic fishing set with a water table, as it can also be used in the paddling pool, or even the bath! However, it doesn’t have to be used in water and can also be used on dry land – Simply set the fish out on the floor, or table, and kids will have great fun trying to catch them.

The fishing game works using magnets. Your child can play at catching the fish and reeling them in, using the rods which have cute, magnetic worms attached.

This is a lovely, colourful set and is a great way for children to improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It can also help them begin to learn about colours and magnetism.

What’s included with the magnetic fishing set game?

  • 6 fish
  • 2 magnetic fishing rods
  • 2 cute worms attached to the fishing lines

Play ideas your child can try with the magnetic fishing set game

  • Submerge the fish in your child’s water table and they can enjoy the fun of fishing
  • See how many of the bright colours your child can remember and ask them about their favourite colour
  • Use the fish to teach and play early counting games
  • The fish can also be used on dry land, without water
  • The set includes 2 rods, so you could have a little competition, or let them play with friends, to see who can catch the most fish

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