Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play TableLittle Tikes Pirate Ship Water Play Table

The Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship water table is sure to go down a treat with young children, as soon as they set eyes on it! Not only will your child love this toy but it will get the thumbs up from you too, as it’s made from durable plastic and even has a plug to make it easier when it comes to emptying the water out.

The water table is designed in the shape of a pirate ship and has lots of water activities and features to keep your child amused for hours. From the description, it’s difficult to imagine but the pictures give you a better idea of the fun which can be had.

It’s lightweight and can be used outside or indoors, although you might want to use on a tiled surface, or protect your floor with something waterproof, before using inside! With so many activities which will encourage everything from role play to fantasy play, let’s take a look at some of the attachments and features your child can enjoy with their very own pirate ship…

  • Little Tikes Water tableThe most eye-catching feature of the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play Table is the central mast, which is a pump that does actually pump water out, to create a waterfall effect. The pump can be operated either by hand or battery (requires 4 ‘C’ size batteries). Luckily, you don’t have to worry about your child forgetting to turn the pump off, or the batteries running flat, as it works on a timer and can also be switched off manually.
  • A water squirting cannon attaches to the side of the pirate ship and adds to the water spraying fun. Although the cannon can sometimes come loose when playing, my friend’s son loves this feature as it means he can squirt everyone!
  • There’s also a working anchor, which your child can wind up and down.
  • Of course, every pirate ship needs a plank and the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table is no exception, as it comes with a plank and a slide attached.
  • There are spinning wheels which create currents to move the toys along. Although the currents aren’t strong enough to move all the toys along at the same time, it does the trick and can be fascinating for young children to watch the dinghy and characters bobbing up and down, as they move about in the water.

Does the water table need to be assembled?
The Little Tikes water play table comes with a few screws which are used to secure the legs to the table.

What age range is Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play Table suitable for?

It’s recommended for children aged 2-6 years but my friend’s little boy has had one since he was 2 years old and is still playing with it, even though he will be 8 this summer.

What’s included?

Little Tikes Pirate Water Play Table

  • 2 characters
  • Dinghy
  • Water squirting shark
  • Strainer cup
  • Scooper cup
  • Bucket
  • Pirate ship water play table
  • Instructions

Any complaints?
A few people have said the plug can be difficult to remove but it probably needs to be a tight fit so water doesn’t leak and it doesn’t get removed accidentally, during play.
Some people have also said that some of the attachments come off easily but most have said that their children love playing with it, regardless.

Are there any reviews for the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play Table?

There have been quite a few reviews written about the water table and it’s been given 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Here are some of the comments which have been made.

  • “Excellent fun and has many accessories to go with it.”
  • “My boys will spend hours with this!”
  • “I purchased this toy for my son’s second birthday. He played with it longer than I’ve ever seen him pay attention to 1 activity.”
  • “Two year old and four year old LOVE this water table! There’s enough to keep both of them occupied for hours.”

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Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play Table