Kidkraft Big Top Wooden SandpitKidkraft Big Top Wooden Sandpit

The Kidkraft Big Top wooden sandpit would be ideal if you’re looking for a sandpit which will be both enjoyable for your child and keep them protected from the sun at the same time.

With a strong, sturdy base, the sandpit comes complete with a shady sun-canopy above which, according to the manufacturer’s website, has a 50+ UV rating. This will allow your child to enjoy the sand whilst, at the same time, remaining cool and shaded from the sun.

It has a perforated liner which allows the sand to drain and not become water-logged, but also prevents the sand from coming into direct contact with the soil and ground below the sandpit.

How many children can use the Kidkraft Big Top wooden sandpit?

Size-wise, the sandpit is large enough to allow 2 children to share many happy hours with their sand toys, building, digging, moving sand around and generally enjoying creative sand play.

Kidkraft wooden sandpit with storage and seatsWhen the sandpit is not in use, the built-in seats have removable lids to provide 2 handy and cleverly designed storage areas, to keep your child’s sand toys clean and safe until the next sand playtime.

Often, outdoor sandpits can attract unwanted attention from pets but the Kidkraft sandpit also includes a mesh cover, so you can easily keep the sand clean and safe from pets and unwanted debris between play times.

Kidkraft wooden sand pit with lid

The sandpit measures (h) 149 x (w) 113 x (d) 192 cm

Is assembly required?
Some assembly is required, for which you’ll need hand tools, including screwdrivers. Step-by step instructions are included.

What age range is the Kidkraft Big Top Wooden Sandpit suitable for?

The size of the sandpit makes it ideally suitable for toddlers and children aged up to approximately 5 years.

How much sand will you need?
The Big Top Wooden Sandpit holds 180 kilos of sand. Here’s a handy guide to the number of bags you’ll need depending on the weight of each bag:

  • 15kg x 10 bags
  • 20kg x 9bags
  • 25kg x 7 bags

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