Children’s Sit-On Metal Sandpit Digger

children's sit-on metal sandpit digger

This children’s sit-on metal sandpit digger is great for imaginative play. As a parent, it never ceases to amaze me how much children love to copy and mimic adults. Not only do children learn so much from doing this, but it also encourages role play and, of course, that really fires their imagination and makes their minds more creative.

My nephew loves to dig in his sandpit and when I saw this digger, I knew it would make the perfect gift for him. He was absolutely delighted with it and couldn’t wait to get out in the garden to his sandpit, so he could start digging and creating.

What are the best features of the children’s sit-on metal sandpit digger?

I have to say, I was impressed with the size and quality of the digger, especially for the money (approx £35). Here are my favourite features of this sit-on sand digger:

  • The digger is designed so that the seat turns 360° on the base stand, which allows your child to dig, turn and deposit the sand, just like a ‘real digger’.
  • The size of the scoop allows your child to move a good amount of sand and makes their play even more realistic.
  • The diggers is well-made and robust enough to withstand some serious digging
  • The controls could help teach hand eye co-ordination, but are easy enough for children to quickly master. My 5 year old nephew quickly got the hang of digging, turning and emptying the sand.

What size is the children’s sit-on metal sandpit digger?

At approximately 35cm x 135cm, it’s large enough to last your child several years, without them outgrowing it, but not too large for it to be a hassle for you to take it to the park, or even the beach!

What are other people saying about the children’s sit-on metal sandpit digger?
There are some excellent reviews on the web about the sandpit digger, with Amazon reviewers giving 5 out of 5.

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