Boat Sandpit

Children's sail boat sandpit

A boat sandpit can be a great idea if you’re looking to provide your child with somewhere to play with sand. It will open up a whole new world of imaginative play possibilities for your child and keep them amused for hours on end, for many years.

Sand is one of children’s favourite play things and having their own sandpit will offer endless hours of outdoor fun for your little ones. But, you can add another dimension to their playtimes by choosing a novelty shape, such as a boat sandpit.

Imagine, if your child not only has sand to fire their imagination, but they can also be captain of their own ship at the same time – the possibilities become endless!

This children’s sand sailor wooden sandpit will be a hit with any budding sailors as well as parents. It’s not just a sandpit but an outdoor play-centre, with a steering wheel, storage built in at the front of the boat and even a chalk board so they can draw their sand designs, or plan their route across the seas! There’s plenty of space for 2 children to play together, even if they are standing or sitting inside the sand pit. If you have children who prefer to sit on the ground outside of the sand pit and lean in to play, then 3-4 children could play together.

It has built in seats so children can sit comfortably whilst playing if they wish and, when playtime is over, the seats fold over and act as a cover which will keep the sand clean until the next playtime.

Is assembly required for the boat sandpit?

Assembly is required but full instructions are included.

What’s included with the boat sandpit?

  • Boat-shaped sandpit
  • Underlay which forms the base of the sandpit
  • Canopy cover
  • Chalk board
  • Cushioned seat at the rear of the boat
  • Steering wheel so your child can ‘steer’ their boat

What age range is the boat sandpit suitable for?

Toddlers to older children will enjoy hours of imaginative fun and play.

Click here for more information on the boat sandpit.

Children playing in boat sandpit




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