About Us

Hi there and welcome to our website!

Here at Sandpits for Children, we are 100% committed to providing you with first class information on a subject we are passionate about… Children and sand pits!

My name is Paula Davies, from Derbyshire, England. I’m a busy wife and mum to 3 beautiful children and I can’t imagine wanting anything else in life but seeing them happy and healthy .

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m telling you this.

Well, there are so many anonymous websites online nowadays and people may have their reasons for that, but I prefer to give a little something of myself to my visitors – I prefer to try and build a rapport with them.

So, I’m including an ‘About Us’ page so you can see who we are and, hopefully, put trust in the information we provide. I also hope you’ll enjoy it more, as you get to know the ‘us’ behind the website.

Ok, let me confess, before we go any further…

‘We’ is actually ‘I’!

Yes, the website and all the contents are brought to you by I, as in me, myself, and I.

I do all the work around here… the laborious tasks of cleaning, making my own cups of tea and coffee, as well as all the fun things, like trying new products to review (well, along with my children, neighbours, nephews and nieces and any other volunteers I can find!), and anything else that’s required to put my website together and provide you, the visitor, with the content you see (and hopefully enjoy!)

Now you know it’s just me, let me tell you that all the information that you’ll find here, including my reviews, are completely independent. This means I can give honest opinions about children’s sand pits, sand tables, sand and water tables and water tables. I’m not influenced by anyone. So, I can bring you the best selection of play equipment that I would allow and encourage my children to play with. And, as a mum, if I’m willing to allow my children to play with these toys, you should happily do the same.

I hope you’ll enjoy my website and the information you’ll find herein. If you have any questions, or would like me to review a particular product, feel free to contact me, by using the ‘Contact Us’ tab above.

Paula D